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About Louvre Hotel Group 1 페이지


About Louvre Hotel Group
Jeju, Full of mysterious nature, Golden Tulip Jeju Seongsan Hotel
Golden Tulip
Golden Tulip is a top brand line of the Louvre Hotel Group. It was a hotel founded in 1962 in the Netherlands, The acquisition of the Louvre Hotel Group in 2009 has led to a rapid growth, with more than 230 hotels in 45 countries.
Premium bedding, flat-screen TV and personalized service are provided. Depending on your positioning, Golden Tulip, Royal Tulip, Golden Tulip, and Golden Tulip lnn.

As a result, each brand has its own unique and differentiated appearance.
Golden Tulip is a 4 star UPSCALE type hotel with international standards of comfort and personalized service, fine dining, meeting room and more.